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Lake Chini is located 
100km from Kuantan, in the district of Pekan, West Malaysia. Blessed with vast natural bounty that is rich in biodiversity. Hosting 138 species of terrestrial flora, some 300 species of non-aquatic vertebrates as well as 144 species of freshwater fish attracts many visitors.  Lake Chini was given the Biosphere Reserve status by the Unesco in 2009.

Malaysia’s second largest natural lake, Tasik Chini comprise of 12 interconnected lakes
 which are referred to as laut (sea) by the orang asli who live in six villages around the lake: Gumum, Ulu Gumum, Melai, Ulu Melai, Tanjung Puput and Cendahan. 
Every monsoon season, when the Pahang River swells, water actually flows in the reverse direction back into the lake through Chini River.
I was amazed at its natural beauty - CHINI RIVER 
Calm and beautiful the serenity of Lake Chini belies the many secrets that it holds and hides. Historians believe that the lake is the site of an ancient Khmer City, from an era when the Khmer empire extended into the Malay peninsula. 
But there is a famous tales about the mysterious lake a mythical dragon named Naga Seri Gumum, the guardian of an ancient lost city of gold, which lies in the lake. This local “dragon monster” has allegedly been sighted many times over the year by villagers who live beside the lake.  
                                                          BLACK & WHITE SQUIRREL
Every morning, an unusual squirrel searches for food behind my room at Tasik Chini Resort. This kind of squirrel is called the Pahang Squirrel, because its fur color matches the color of the Pahang state flag and can be only found in Pahang.

IQWAL @ Lake Chini ResortLake Chini Resort surrounded by peaceful tropical landscapes.An hour’s drive from Kuantan and Pahang’s royal seat of Pekan.
 It provides a range of accommodation from dorms to standalone air conditioned bungalows and features daily breakfast,
a restaurant and free Wi-Fi in public areas. 

Offering tropical views, rooms and dorms are equipped with a seating area, ironing facilities and a tea/coffee maker. Select units have air conditioning and an attached bathroom. Leisurely afternoons can be spent fishing or canoeing and admiring the lotus blooms at the lake. 24-hour reception and laundry service are available. The casual open-air restaurant whips up local and Asian dishes. Meals can be served in rooms.
VIP Chalet

Room Type
*1 x VIP air con room*
10 Deluxe air con rooms

*5 Standard fan rooms

*5 dormitories (10 persons per dorm)

Room Description

Rooms with fan or air con and attached bathrooms

 Lake Chini Resort

26990 Pekan, Pahang Darul Makmur
Tel : 609 477 8000 / 8008
Fax : 609 477 2008

This is where the local indigenous community, or orang asli,comprising the Jakun tribe,resides in The boatman can steer you across the lake through a charming secret arch of river rushes, a hidden gate to Kampung Cendahan.
When we reached there, we were welcomed by the friendly Orang Asli
Their children sat smiling cheekily @ wooden hut. So sweet! 
Their village is just a few simplatap huts, no Astro, no laptops, but yet the people there were satisfied at their standard of living. 

They survived on hunting, collecting rattan, combs, rubber tapping, harvesting oil palm, woodcarvings, handmade blowpipes from bamboo or fishing in the lake.

But now, they have to go farther and farther away as the nearby forests have been destroyed by development activitie s like mining and logging. 

Mining activity near the lake

Effect on the lake

Inside the canopied rainforest, there was a big hole by the river side, which used to be a way for snake to come down to river. 

But nowdays the villagers didn’t see it anymore. In 1972, the hole was submerged due big flood. The snake fled the hole and swam into the lake. It just that once a while tourist especially foreigner did say, they saw the snake or something big in the water    

What can you do @ Lake Chini?

*You can enjoy adventurous and tough activities or just explore and discover nature.

*kayaking / canoeing or river safaris
*Jungle trekking and see the monkeys and flying squirrels, mousedeers, tapirs, wild boars and other animals.
*Fishing trips @ the small rivers and the lake.

*Take a boat ride around the lake and 
orienteering or observe the skills of the boatman navigating easily through the rather confusing maze of thick vegetation and intricate waterways.

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